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WP2: Design Methods and Tools for Real-Time Systems

[On-going versions of Deliverables and Internal Documents (restricted area)]


Description of work

Harmonisation of SDL, MSC and TTCN, automated test case generation
Although SDL, MSC and TTCN have been developed as separate standards, it is now common that all three notations be used simultaneously. It is therefore necessary that new timing extensions are co-ordinated in order to harmonise the interface between the languages.
The timed extensions of SDL, MSC and TTCN will be take into account the automation of test case development for testing timed properties. In the first instance, the automated test case development must be in line with the approach of existing tools i.e. having test purpose described by timed MSCs.


User documentation and guidance
The documentation will contain two parts: First part will describe the toolset environment, the start-up prerequisite, the adaptations and extensions. Second part will give application guidelines for real-time systems design, simulation, validation and testing with the INTERVAL toolset, through guided examples.Feedback from using the toolset in WP3 applications will be taken into account to correct major defaults and deficiencies that will have been detected by validating the methodology.