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WP1: Requirement Analysis and Specifications

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Description of work:

To achieve these objectives, the work will be decomposed in three activities:

Analysis of user requirements
This task, led by the industrial users, will gather the actual requirements on timing constraints:

Requirements will be seen from several viewpoints (specification, design, testing), as the industrials have generally separate teams coping with the different parts of the engineering process.

Specification of a tool chain for real-time systems design
A complementary study will be conducted to define the specification of a tool chain that can support the industrial requirements identified by the users in the previous task. Items to be specified include the description of new functions in the existing tools, integration mechanisms in a common framework, interoperability between the tools, scalability of the tool chain, openness to external world, clearly defined entry points for industrial data and model exchange.

Study of timed extensions for SDL, MSC and TTCN
This task, led by the language and method experts, is an iterative process to :

Public Deliverables: